The oneNS Coalition is a group of Nova Scotian leaders developing a 10 year plan for all sectors to work together to achieve the Now or Never goals


People, communities, organizations, businesses, non-profits, social enterprises, schools, and governments are taking action…

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We have never been better positioned for changes that support economic growth and stabilize our negative demographic trends…

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FEATURE: Stepping Up Conference

On June 16, Engage Nova Scotia, the Halifax Partnership, the Cape Breton Partnership, the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia, and many other partners, sponsors and friends are coming together to host a one-day conference that will showcase success and mobilize change.

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Goal 16 - The value of agricultural products produced for, and consumed within, the Nova Scotia domestic market will have doubled. The current value is approximately $230 million.

Goal 15 - The value of exports from the fisheries (including aquaculture) and the agricultural sectors will each have doubled on a sustainable basis.

June Monthly Theme:

Sustainable Natural Resource Development

We All Have a Role to Play