The ONE Nova Scotia 10 Year Collaborative Action Plan outlines the action we can take and the choices we can make to address our economic and demographic issues.

The Collaborative Action Plan is a playbook for all Nova Scotians, said coalition member Henry Demone. It is designed to help us seize our best short-term opportunities for economic growth in ocean industries, ICT, and exports, while making long-term investments in youth, career development and immigration to create sustainable change and demographic growth over time.

The plan includes seven action areas that hold the greatest promise for change, plus a comprehensive accountability framework. These are not everything we need to do, but we believe they are a very good place to begin.

The oneNS Coalition is a group of Nova Scotian leaders developing a 10 year collaborative development plan for all sectors to work together to achieve the Now or Never goals


People, communities, organizations, businesses, non-profits, social enterprises, schools, and governments are taking action…

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We have never been better positioned for changes that support economic growth and stabilize our negative demographic trends…

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Ray Ivany Named Halifax Chamber of Commerce 2015 Person of the Year

Congratulations to the chair of the One Nova Scotia Commission Ray Ivany for being named the 2015 Person of the Year by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. The current president and vice-chancellor of Acadia University and Vice-Chair of Nova Scotia Businesses Inc., has been applauded for initiating dialogue that has spread across the province since the release of the Now or Never Report.

For Ivany, chairing the One Nova Scotia was a privilege that made him fall in love with the province all over again.

We All Have a Role to Play