The ABCs of Change

A chorus of calls for change has intensified across Nova Scotia as our bleak long-term economic and demographic outlook has been more deeply absorbed into the public consciousness.

In a province where past opportunities to embrace change have faltered through process or lack of public support, the oneNS Coalition views these calls as a very promising, hopeful sign for Nova Scotia’s future.

 Since 1934, there have been at least 10 reports identifying similar problems. We need to try something different this time. More communities and sectors need to galvanize. But more than that, we need to continue to examine any attitudes and behaviours that may be holding us back. 

– Henry Demone, coalition member and CEO, High Liner Foods Inc.

The gradual shift in the public’s inclination towards change has been preceded by an extended period of declining opportunities for many Nova Scotians. It has been difficult to watch the outmigration of our talented young workers and the often painful impact their departures have on their families and communities.

But there is an upside to the predicament in which Nova Scotia finds itself today: We have never been better positioned to launch transformational changes aimed at expanding economic growth and stabilizing our negative demographic trends.

 As we travel around the province and speak with people, I see how deeply Nova Scotians care about our province and I am optimistic. We have never been better positioned to undertake the kind of transformation that will give our kids a real chance at staying here. Now is the time to embrace the role we each play in building a better future.  

– Rankin MacSween, coalition member and president, New Dawn Enterprises Ltd.

Adapting to a Changing Demographic

Retaining and bringing Nova Scotians home; including youth and visible minority communities; becoming more open and welcoming..

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

An economic jump-start for Nova Scotia will require a stronger focus on global trade, new business start-ups and increased private investment in research and development.

Going Global

To improve our economy, we must increase production of our goods and services and new product development, as well as market and sell more of these goods and services to customers beyond our provincial borders.