The oneNS Coalition was formed to develop a 10 year plan for all sectors to work together to move forward the work of the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy and the vision and goals set out in the oneNS Commission report. The plan is due in December 2015. This new coalition is bringing together Nova Scotian leaders from across the province and across sectors. Coalition members are citizens who have volunteered to contribute their energy to addressing the challenges we face and to get down to action.

The oneNS Coalition isn’t starting from scratch. Nova Scotians have contributed substantially to get us to where we are. The oneNS Coalition is building on the work of the earlier oneNS Commission which was chaired by Ray Ivany.

The coalition is developing work plans in three key areas – attitude, people and economic growth. These three areas were identified by the Coalition and citizens from across the province as the areas that needed our attention.

The challenges we face as Nova Scotians are complex, they force us to think and act differently and there are no easy solutions. We all have a role to play.