Interim Report.

The Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy is pleased to present our Interim Report. This check-in with Nova Scotians is a mainly a reflection of what we’ve heard: rich and varied voices from across the province. It also sets out our research agenda for the coming months to inform further conversations in communities. The Interim Report does not feature specific recommendations; these will form the core of our final report in early 2014. We welcome comments and feedback below.

Press Release

Download the Interim Report [.pdf] or view below.

Interim Report of the Nova Scotia Commission on Building the New Economy

2 Responses to “Interim Report.”

  1. Geoff Brinston says:

    can one get a copy mailed to a home address. 109 pages is too large of a download to print

  2. Caper says:

    Commission on building the new Economy”
    Sounds like something out of the old Soviet Union.
    This province is against any energy economic development ( except the ferry dust wind industry that is highly subsidized or it could not survive on its own ) , has punitive taxation among the highest in Canada and seems happy to exist a Federal welfare from the “Have” provinces in transfer payments. These “have” provinces are in that position due to the development of their energy recourses. In NS if the “F” word ( Fracking ) is even mentioned the Environmental special groups freak out and stamp their feet in a hissy fit!

    Oh but I see this commission will be different than other ones…. Ya sure it will.
    I expect a Five year plan will be issued to replace past economic plans.
    The only jobs created from this will be for the people on the commission and the line up of the usual suspects looking for Government handouts with hollow promises of jobs.
    Meanwhile the exodus to West will continue and increase and there will be nobody left except government workers and retirees!

    Maybe we can follow the lead of Venezuela and form a “Ministry of Happiness” so at least everybody will be happy.

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