Working together is important to move Nova Scotia forward.

Over the last several months the ONE Nova Scotia Coalition has heard from many individuals and organizations across Nova Scotia, Canada and beyond. We are continuing to seek input and discover who else must be involved.

Below are six areas on which we believe more focus is needed to improve our shared economic and demographic future. These are draft documents designed to inspire discussion. These are not the only areas Nova Scotia will need to focus on, but they are areas where we can start to make significant progress.

We recently began asking individuals and organizations with expertise and working in these areas:

  • What could be added or sharpened to strengthen action in these areas?
  • Who needs to be involved to make action in these areas successful?

The Early Years: Cradle to Career (PDF)

A New Deal for Youth  (PDF)

Universities and NSCC as Innovation Hubs  (PDF)

ICT Momentum   (PDF)

Going Global: Innovation and Competitiveness  (PDF)

Nova Scotia’s Ocean Advantage  (PDF)