Goal 13

Venture Capital

The three-year annual average for per capita venture capital investment will be equal or better than the Canadian average


Venture Capital

Current Situation 

Venture capital (VC) funding in Nova Scotia increased considerably in 2016 to $67.40 per capita from $55.12 per capita in 2015. This brings the three-year 2014-2016 average up to $47.20 from the baseline of $30.03 in 2013-2015. Though Canada’s per capita VC funding also increased, Nova Scotia’s grew at a faster rate, narrowing the gap. Sustained growth at this pace would put the province on track to meet this goal. It should be noted that VC funding can be volatile from year to year, so it is not yet clear if this trend will continue.

Venture Capital Funding Per Capita (Dollars)

Deep Dive

What this means

This means that Nova Scotia’s start-up companies are attracting more VC funding to finance growth of their operations. And, at a funding level closer to the Canadian average.