Goal 6

Firms Participating In Export Trade

The number of Nova Scotia firms participating in export trade will have increased by 50 per cent.


Current situation

Although there has been some increase in the number of exporting establishments in the province, the gains have not been significant or sustained. There were 941 Nova Scotia business establishments participating in international merchandise trade in 2015, up from 930 establishments in the baseline year of 2012. Currently, this indicator is not on track to meet the target.

year participants
2010 933
2011 973
2012 930
2013 921
2014 980
2015 941

What this means

This means that a slightly greater number of Nova Scotia businesses have looked to foreign markets to sell their products. However, it is not clear if this is representative of a longer-term trend, as the data has fluctuated only slightly over the available time period, without a clear direction.